Chi Straightener vs. Hot Shot Tools Flat Iron

So here’s the deal. Since childhood, I’ve been a little fro-baby, the person with black-girl hair, and the one with the crazy hair. Needless to say, my curly locks have a very unique texture and thickness and not every product will work with it. Recently, I’ve been curling my hair, and I decided that I would set up a test:

Which is better: A $75+ Chi Straightener or a $50 Hot Shot Tools Flat Iron?

Now, onto the curling. Usually, one would show a tutorial, a video, but seeing as how I’m not interested in the process, here is the result:

Now let’s back-track.

After spending a good two hours and running Chi Silk Infusion through all of my hair, I started out with the left side, curling with my roommate’s lovely straightener.

The Hot Shot Tools Flat Iron:

– formed loose curls and I had to re-curl several strands

– fuzzies (pieces that refused to curl/straighten) remained near my skull

– the flat iron steamed every single time I curled a strand. So much that the steam made my eyes hurt!

– separated the strands of hair too much, to where I had to work to make them mesh   together






The Chi definitely fared better.  The expensive straightener:

– formed tighter curls and fell in line with other strands better

– smoothed out fuzzies

– steamed less! My eyes weren’t hurting this time.

– definitely gave the better overall  appearance







All in all, I must admit, I figured the Chi would do better. It’s a well-known, highly sought-after brand, and after my test, it was well worth the money. Then again, you always have to take into consideration different hair textures and thicknesses. As I said, my hair is not the most conventional type. Additionally, because I lack the oils in my hair that most people have (as I said, black girl hair!), I don’t wash my hair every day. I actually wash my hair every 4-5 days. Thus, I cannot assess the damage a Chi or Hot Shot Tools flat iron could wreak on my hair until a week or two later.

Regardless, I do recommend shelling out the extra cash on the Chi if your hair looks half as well as mine did after using the flat iron.


6 thoughts on “Chi Straightener vs. Hot Shot Tools Flat Iron

  1. renee says:

    Nice review! Quick and easy to follow. I’ve heard about the Chi for years now but it never seemed worth the money. I’m still not quite sure it would be worth it for my own hair (which is a very different texture from yours) but maybe I’ll look into it more when my own straightener ($20 from TJMaxx) dies. I would have liked if you’d gone into the damage done by the straighteners as well- if they were equal or if one seemed worse than the other. But maybe they weren’t different from any other straightener on that score?

    • It’s always hard to tell when it comes to the damage done. Mostly because, for me, damage comes into play a week or two later, when my hair is a little dryer than normal. I might consider posting an update post though to say which side does better!

      I imagine the Chi does less damage to my hair however, since it fares better with straightening it… For some reason I feel the steam was a bad sign from Hot Shot Tools. It might’ve been beneficial for me to check the heat levels on the straighteners… do a little research.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Alex Wiley says:

    Since I’m a guy, I will never use the products you posted about. However, that is not to say your post was bad. On the contrary, it was very well set up and organized. You broke down each negative and positive aspect in a constructive manner. The photos helped a lot. I guess if my sisters ever need a flat iron, I will direct them to this post =)

  3. Good review! I have a Chi and I aboslutely love it. I got it as a junior in high school and used it to straighten my hair every day. And it’s still kicking! These things are hard to break. they’re expensive, but definitely worth the money.

  4. Sarah says:

    Like Alex, I wouldn’t ever really use a straightening iron but I think you do a good job comparing the two. You don’t get bogged down in anything too specific or advanced, and use clear language and helpful photographs to show the results. Overall a good, clear comparasion.

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